Early Bird Tickets for Lambda Days are still available!

We would like to invite all Spoj users to Krakow, to a next edition of Lambda Days! All our users can get special 10% discount, just contact us and we will give a special code!

Kraków, Poland, Feb 9-10

Lambda Days is a one of a kind experience in the functional world. To us Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Elixir, F#, Lisp, Clojure and many other emerging technologies are more than languages – they are new perspectives on how to understand and tackle challenges of every day work. We’ve sold half of Early Bird tickets since starting the sale! Make sure you get yours – register today:


Lambda Days is a two-day conference on functional programming and an experience you just can’t miss!

Wow our programme committee with your submission – join Jose Valim,

Rob Martin, Tomasz Kowal and others in our 2017 line-up.

Deadline: 1/01/2017

If you are interested in publishing your research results related to functional technologies, languages and applications, you can submit your paper to the Research Track. You can get published in the Special Section on Functional Paradigm for High Performance Computing of Future Generation Computer Systems (IF=2.430).